30th Anniversary: An Interview with EMILY TAN Media Relations

03 July 2020 - - The DJ List


We at TheDJList want to personally congratulate you for hitting the 30 year milestone in the life of your PR agency, EMILY TAN Media Relations! Wow, you started working when you were minus-five years old?

EMILY TAN: [laughs] Indeed! Seriously, has it really been three decades that I've been working as a publicist? So many memories are flooding my mind as I think back. It's been incredible and I have no intention of stopping.

What's the secret to your success?

EMILY TAN: Time management. Meticulous planning. Ability to be spontaneous.

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You have represented some of the biggest names in the world of EDM and even some names from outside of EDM like pop, rock and even hip-hop. Who are some of your favorite clients?

EMILY TAN: If you take a look over my roster, both past and present clients, you would know it's impossible for me to name just a few. Each of my clients have become friends, or vice versa, and they are each special to me in some way. Some of my favorite people to work for have included MARKUS SCHULZ, FERRY CORSTEN, ANDREW RAYEL, ARMIN VAN BUUREN, MARLO, ICE-T, TOMMY LEE, MARO MUSIC, TRAVELER, FATUM, BT, JES BRIEDEN, DVRKO, and all of their teams. It's just too many people to name!

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What aspects of working as a publicist and PR manager do you miss the most from the pre-Covid19 days with the post-coronavirus world?

EMILY TAN: Obviously, anything related to touring and live shows! I never imagined that all those packed, hot, sweaty, loud, marathon festivals, club nights and tours would ever end. Then, boom! Covid19 hit, and the world just stopped. I'd probably spent a third of my waking adult life in or around bars, nightclubs, concerts and music festivals. To not be able to have that in the same way, now, is just heartbreaking.

What are you most grateful for?

EMILY TAN: My loving husband (Jim Tremayne), my health, my family, being able to make a living doing what I love.

Photo by: Cheyenne Bosco

What career advice do you find yourself giving to your clients over and over again? Like, what's the one thing that they all seem to be getting wrong?

EMILY TAN: I wouldn't say that they "all" get any one thing wrong, but a correction I do find myself having to contend with repeatedly over the years is when some of the less established artists don't realize how much advance planning is needed to reach a goal. Cost is another aspect that's often underestimated. Making it as an artist is an extremely difficult thing to do, especially nowadays when technology makes it possible for anyone to disseminate their content. The amount of dedication and single-minded focus required of an artist is not always easy to sustain. Success, if you define it as financial riches, is definitely not guaranteed no matter which publicist, agent or manager an artist hires. It all begins with the content. Content is king.

You are very well known in the global EDM industry after having been a force for now 30 years. What's one adjective 99% of those who know you would agree describes you?

EMILY TAN: Resilient.

Some parting words of wisdom as you look forward to the next 30 years in business?

EMILY TAN: Inner-peace is a state we create within ourselves. We have the power to change our own perceptions, and hence change our reality.

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