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The Brooklyn-based electronic guru, ELIOT LIPP is set to drop his new album, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, on May 22. The album will include 14 tracks, making it his 8th album to date.
Taking time from his busy schedule of preparing for upcoming festivals, Eliot took some time to discuss with me his inspirations behind Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, his plans for this upcoming summer and also what Mr. Lipp has in store for the rest of 2012.

TDJL: Out of all of the festivals you're set to play this summer, which one are you looking most forward to and why?


Eliot Lipp: Camp Bisco is going to be awesome this year, I'm excited to see a lot of the other acts on the lineup. Also I'm bringing out a live band to play my set
with me. I love festivals! Just gotta remember to wear shitty sneakers because of
the mud.

TDJL: What/Who were some of your inspirations while developing your
album Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake?
Eliot Lipp: I made a lot of these tracks on the road or in airplanes or backstage at the club getting ready to play, so a big part of my inspiration comes from the
crowds I've been playing for and seeing their reaction to my new music has been awesome. The album was mixed by my good friend Curt Cameruci from FLOSSTRADAMUS, I've even learned a lot from him about production as well. Jasia 10, who I made the "How We Do" album with, has also been teaching me about music production for years now.

TDJL: Which track on Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake was your favorite to produce and why?
Eliot Lipp: It would have to be the song Gettin' Money, this track was so
much fun to make. My friend Michal Menert flew in to NY and we drove up to play a festival in the Hamptons, that for some reason ended up getting cancelled. We then tried to have a picnic on a private beach but got chased away. Eventually we got back to Brooklyn and started making this track. As soon as we had some samples looped we set up the mic and started beat boxing and singing. Michal is the only other producer I know that has an Akai AX-80 so we definitely set that up and he played the baseline for the whole track on it.

TDJL: How long did it take you to construct Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake?
Eliot Lipp: Well, it's a collection of songs that came about in the last three years. Some are newer than others. The four title tracks are the newest, they were originally just 30 second interludes but Derek from PRETTY LIGHTS talked me in to making them in to full songs.

TDJL: Why did you decide to sign with Pretty Lights' label and how will
it change the future of your music?
Eliot Lipp: I chose to work with the label because I really respect the concept behind it. They give away all of their releases for free and they push their artists to be original and stay true to the music they believe in.

TDJL: Who designs your cover art and what are the inspirations behind the designs?
Eliot Lipp: Every cover has a different designer. The newest cover, Shark
Wolf Rabbit Snake, comes from a drawing my friend Daniel St. George made. He was going for an old school skateboard company design look and I thought it was perfect for the song I had been working on. It was the same way when I saw Zoe Langer's Peace Love Weed 3D painting. And I used the same name for the art as the name for the album on each of those.

TDJL: Can we expect to see any more tour dates for 2012 after you play
Electric Zoo?
Eliot Lipp: Yes, I'm definitely going to be touring in the fall. I love being on the road, I feel at home there. I might even bring my band to a few of those dates.

TDJL: If you could put on your own festival what would you name it and
who would you have headline?
Eliot Lipp: Hmm maybe Lippstival. Maybe Lipptastik, I don't know. I would have APHEX TWIN, E-40, OUTKAST, CARL CRAIG, NOFX, and STEREOLAB headline, then I'd just get all my friends to play too. It would probably be an awesome festival, I'd get a Gravatron there and set up a DJ booth in the middle of it. I'd have bands set up on a hayride stage that moves throughout the festival. If anyone steals these ideas I want credit!

TDJL: Who are some artists you hope to collaborate with in the near future?
Eliot Lipp: Me and Gift of Gab from Blackalicious are supposed to do a track together, there are a handful of rappers I'm hollering at. Been sweating Kastle & Brenmar for remixes haha. Also been collaborating with MICHNA from GHOSTLY and BEN SAMPLES.

TDJL: Will you be releasing anything with Dark Party in 2012?
Eliot Lipp: There are no plans to release anything new but Dark Party does have some music in the works. Me and Leo hang out all the time these days but we spend more time talking about music than making it haha. Guess it's time for us to just shut up and make beats.

To download Wolf Shark Rabbit Snake CLICK HEREĀ 

Eliot is always working on new music, to keep up with him view his website

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