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Vinyl Pusher is an independent dance label and distributor. Set up in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia. Following the success of CapitalDJ a retail and online vinyl shop voted number 1 for dance music by Australian DJs. CapitalDJ became the springboard for Vinyl Pusher’s vision as an industry leader, committed to the promotion and development of up and coming artists in a rapidly changing digital environment.
CEO Don Steele comes from a background in advertising and has always been dedicated to the development of marketing systems using the latest technology. “Starting with CapitalDJ’s 6000 member DJ pool in 2005, we’ve embraced strategies and developed software called ‘Promo Drop’ © which sets up a promotional calendar and targets data base groups with news, info, video streaming, title downloads and media kits of any titles in our catalogue. We’re able to market artists and tracks almost spontaneously to a global audience.” Weaving its presence internationally via social networks, blogs and promo emails to member pools, Vinyl Pusher essentially ’lives on the internet’.
Vinyl Pusher finds and licenses exclusive titles for the world, these are distributed globally on Beatport, Dj Download, Juno, iTunes, Tracksource, Mercury Mobility, and 3 Hutchinson Mobiles. The Vinyl Pusher brand also extends to the production of various compilations such as the electro series Vinyl Pusher ADDICTIONS, PURE, RUSH and MOVE, the house series IT’S ALL ABOUT HOUSE MUSIC Volumes 1 & 2 and TRANCE LEVEL1. Artists on release rosters have included: Studio B (UK), Fedde La Grand Vs Camille Jones (Holland), Firefox (Australia), Funkerman (Holand), Sweet Mercy featuring Rowetta (UK), J Nitti (Italy), Rhythm Punkz (UK), Ryan Riback (Australia), Souldiers of Fortune (Australia), J Tease (UK), Soul Junkie (Australia) and the legendary Godfather of Acid House DJ Pieere (Chicago US). | read more


New Release

Freedom (feat. Lokka)
Freedom (feat. Lokka) by SKYWARDS
Release Date: 5th November 2013
Label: Vinyl Pusher
Download at Beatport

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