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Toys For Boys Records is a leading and respected underground music label, with a strong presence in the European house and techno scenes.
Founded in 2004 by Marcus Vector and Sierra_Sam, the Brussels/Berlin based imprint has been gathering artists such as Quenum, Sarah Goldfarb, Mark Broom, Tom Dazing, or Grinser with remix collaborations from the likes of Paul Ritch, Tim Xavier or Dan Curtin.
Toys for Boys’ name is in itself a kind of a private joke, meaning “boys are geeks and like to play with electronic toys to make music”…Its musical inclinations are open to a variety of techno sounds scattered with electronica and house influences. With a dancefloor orientation on each release the label’s guiding principle is that "there is a space for creativity in between the 4×4 beat”… | read more

New Release

Antler by JORGE HM
Release Date: 23rd January 2013
Label: Toys For Boys Records
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