Timewarp music is a fresh funky multi platform record label. Founded in Athens, Greece during the summer of 2004 under the inspiration of Angelos Stoumpos (a.k.a Timewarp inc). Ever since we have been counting various releases introducing new and multi talented artists. The main concept is to release high quality and fresh electronic funk, dub, freestyle and dance music. Focusing on new artists and ideas, creating a “home” that is always expanding with new “family” members and new music ideas. Generally speaking, music that one can listen to without annoying his ears!…. ARTISTS ROASTER.. Main family artists are: Timewarp inc, Quincy Jointz, Quasamodo, Headson Groove, Doctor Music Project, Deep Collective, BMD, Trotter, Dj Stefunk, Jayl Funk, Downstair Project, Funktransplant and many more. Great blasting cooperation’s with international artists like Fort knox five, All good funk alliance, Geriba, Nickodemous, Ed royal & Enne, Shanti Roots & Sheibosan, Rephrase and Quincy Jointz. …. LICENSING.. One of our main activities is licensing our music for Tv and Radio commercials, Web sites and various multimedia projects. Samples of our work can be heard in the TV ads of VW Polo, Seat Ibiza, Honda HRV, Stolichnaya and many more. Many of our tracks have been licensed for over twenty cds and vinyls compilations….. DISTRIBUTION.. We run a self-distribution counting over fifty sales points around Greece. During 2007 we started importing and distributing titles from international indie labels. We work with OUR Distribution in Germany for our releases worldwide. …. EVENTS.. Many artists and DJ’s from Europe were our guests in Greece. Artists like Quincy Jointz a.k.a Geriba (de), Scheibosan and Shanti Roots, Uwe Walkner (at), Stefano Ghittonni a.k.a Dinning Rooms (it), Mod-X (fr) and more….. LIVE GIGS.. Main artist Timewarp inc have been performing live in venues around Greece. The band gained success as many of their tunes became hits on Greek Radio stations. The band is completed of five members (bass, guitar, percussions, keys and vocals). …. RADIO SHOWS.. Timewarp music is currently broadcasting weekly radio shows all around the world! Radio Stations: Radio 42 (Germany), Ibiza Global radio (Spain/Ibiza), Seven Skies (Russia) and in Greece at Pirate FM (Chios), Mousiko Kanali (Crete), Radio 108 (Mitilini), Mojo Radio (Patra), Best Fm (Kalamata), Smothtraxx (Athens) and Trip Radio (Athens). Many of our artist roster Dj sets can be found on Austrian’s on-demand & live radio, Play.Fm. | read more

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