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The Sound Of Everything is a record label, which aims at covering the whole spectrum of contemporary sounds, regardless of genre. It was founded in 2004 and until recently it has been operated as an umbrella for several label series, which were conceived in order to help the audience classify our releases, since the fundamental philosophy of our label was based on a wide and free range of repertoire. Our label series included UNIDE AUDIO, HELLECTRONIC, FO.NO. UNDERGROUND, JAZZMENTUM, ESSENTIA SONUS, NU:GR, BMP.
However after 7 years of active presence we feel that our audience has accepted and appreciated our versatile choices in our repertoire and we believe that we have managed to turn the lack of a particular identity in our sound into a form of identity itself. Representing a wide range of music genres has now become our trademark. Hence we decided to abandon the concept of label series and all of our releases will now be labelled as The Sound Of Everything without further classification. | read more

New Release

Aphty Khea EP
Aphty Khea EP by APHTY KHEA
Release Date: 15th July 2016
Label: The Sound Of Everything
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