Techneura was founded by the DJs Barboza and Hardkaus as a group dedicated to create and promote events in São Paulo since 2005 at the paulist electronic music scene, making events with national and international DJs and music producers.
Techneura had already residences at some of the biggest and better clubs of Sao Paulo, like K CLUB at Vila Madalena, the ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB, at Rua Augusta and others. Nowadays we have our home at one of the most respected and conceptual clubs of São Paulo city, the LAB CLUB, a very well structured ambient, with sound system DAS, a bar with great variety of beverages and spirit drinks, elaborated with the highest quality and located at Rua Augusta, one of the Hottest places of the São Paulo night life. | read more


26 DE FEVEREIRO 2016 RADIO SHOW @ MOSCOU Hard Force United and Friends Goncalo M Barboza Psychodrums DJ Ogi... https://t.co/1SJA9VSmQA - 188 weeks ago

New Release

Sound Bullet EP
Sound Bullet EP by HARD J
Release Date: 20th April 2017
Label: Techneura
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