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Solid Tracks is a record label aiming to communicate its sound for everyday listening and mixing, maturing into a project towards progress and development of electronic music. It is based on a decade of influences and experiences and will present a new approach to the minimal sphere. Based in East London, Solid Tracks is the result of years of study, work, devotion, and passion for music production, djing and night life. Now in collaboration with Mediakode Management, Solid Tracks will featureTechy/Minimal grooves. The vision is to enhance the electronic scene with a big dancing kick – incorporating releases, tours, and events. The idea is to get as many like-minded artist and djs involved – each introducing their own sounds to the collective, through live appearances and digital distribution. Solid Tracks aims to promote its sound in the distribution of vinyl, cds ,dvds; as as well as digital recording and broadcasting. | read more


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New Release

Forging EP
Forging EP by ZONAL
Release Date: 15th March 2017
Label: Solid Tracks Records
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