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SFR has launched from Italy for the “global music world”, SFR is run and founded by DJ Splashfunk and has a wide remit, focusing on anything and everything from underground , house, electro, tech house, progressive house and deep house (check out SFR’s latest releases in the best dj shops as Beatport, djDownload, Juno and many more). “SFR Recordings doesn’t concentrate on specific music but good music for djs” said DJ Splashfunk. “We aim to give new DJs and producers the chance to expose their personal ideas without rules As long as it’s a good vibe it’s SFR’s style" | read more

New Release

La Kumbiata - Single
La Kumbiata - Single by SPLASHFUNK
Release Date: 7th January 2017
Label: SFR Recording
Download at Beatport

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