Raisani Records is Emirates first and only independent Dance Record Label. Founder & CEO Haneef Raisani born in Al Ain & raised in Abu Dhabi & Dubai with a passion for quality Deep/Soulful house, saw the vision for his home town to bring out the local talents and put Dubai on the global map of dance music and be the best out there. Raisani now stands in an almost unique position for an independent dance label, with a globally recognized brand that’s synonymous with quality for the discerning clubber, an ongoing program for local artist development, and a key role in shaping the tastes of the market. Deep/Soulful House is the music for future. Not everybody understands house music. | read more

New Release

Trip To Earth
Trip To Earth by FLO SAGNER
Release Date: 11th December 2012
Label: Raisani Records
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