New Start up Label created by DJ Producers J&M Brothers And Vicmoren based out of Spain. Expect Ibiza fueled anthems, & deep hard beats. By Definition: When two mirrors are held facing each other a regression of reflections results. A corridor of mirrors dwindling away into miniscule images beyond the range of vision is created. But each time the reflections repeat themselves the quality of the reflection degrades ever so slightly. At first this change is hardly noticeable, but as we look deeper into the never-ending well of repeating images the degradation becomes obvious and long before the vanishing point it becomes a blurred, hazy, jumble of indistinct fuzziness. So it is when we look along the tunnel of time, past and future. THIS IS PERCEPTION. Of Depth, Time, Space, Music, People, Places, Things.
Vicmoren,J&M Brothers,Oscar P(Open Bar Music ),Davidson Ospina (Ospina Digital),Javi Lopez,Joeski, Pablo Fierro, Angel Pina [email protected] dubman F,Angel Rize,Abicah Soul,Edmund,Leoesco,Berto Mene ,Sebi García ,Moba,Marcelo Nassi,Pavel Petrov,Diego Astaiza,Mauro B,DJ ax,Metodi Hristov,Ze Chezz,bony stuche,ale acosta,Silvia Zaragoza,Felipe L,dj Mishakov & many more to come!!. | read more



Out now Promo Traxsource!!! Alvaro Smart - Never Too Late EP - 294 weeks ago

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The Essential Deep Live
The Essential Deep Live by DEEP LIVE
Release Date: 2nd February 2018
Label: Perception Music
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