Oversized Records was established at he end of 2008, and quickly became one of the most popular labels of the dj scene in Hungary. The key of the succes is that the djs, producers and the staff working together are all dedicated their life to music, and pay very much attention to each of their tracks and releases. During this 1 year we developed a nice group of friends who get our promos. Several well known member of this scene valued positively our work, and this what makes us continue on and on! Hernan Cattaneo, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Chloe Harris, Eelke Kleijn, Brothers’ Vibe, Andy Newland and others gave very good feedback about many of our releases and played our tracks as well!

Our label is based out of Hungary and we are currently available on stores such as: Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload, Audiojelly, etc.. Our content is delivered to stores worldwide by a popular distributor that currently works with hundreds of labels. In addition to our established content delivery methods, we have a marketing plan that we use to promote our releases.

Many labels in the digital world believe that volume is the way to go. We do not think like this.

Quality over quantity always!

Our label has a solid A&R department setup to determine which songs and releases are worth while to the label. While the word “department” is daunting, a simple method of establishing quality control is the basis for a solid A&R aspect of the label. Additionally, it is important for us to state our vision and plan to artists interested in releasing music via the label. Do not just shun people away because we do not like their music. We are constructive to artists and communicate what you do not like so an artist can learn and deliver quality content for us in the future.

Good solutions for successful promotion

1. We work together with lot of DJs that spin on internet radio or radio stations, and send them the releases. If they like it, of course, they will play it and plug the release and where to find it when it is released. 2. E-mail promotion database with famous DJs and promoters 3. MyPromopool.com promotion, Immediate Reactions from DJs 4. Music reviews on famous electronic music sites and magazines 5. Newsletters are a great way to get in touch with loyal fans 6. MySpace is one of the most (if not the most) popular networking websites in the world. We write a blog, add images of the release stating “coming soon”, prepare a bulletin post stating that the release is coming soon. 7. DJ charts: Music stores offer the ability for DJs to create charts. Some customers purchase releases based on what is charted by DJs (and by DJs, we mean all DJs).


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