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NumberOneBeats Records is a German electronic record label, newly-established by the well known DJ, producer and promoter A.C.K. . The label is signify for house, tech house, progressive house, vocal house to minimal and techno. All the sub genres of electronic & dance music are represented which sounding good and produced with love.The label started in 2011 with the release of ‘A.C.K. & John De Mark – The Wonderful View’. In more recent days it has expanded into a label that is actively signing and releasing quality house music from all around the globe, consistently releasing records. “NumberOneBeats Records” supporting well known producers like Simon Point, Kid Chris, Jordan Rivera, Stev Dive, also highly talented newcomer- producers and the future stars of tomorrow like John De Mark, Steve Kid, Martin Eigenberg, Love N Joy, MacRoy, Roger Slato, Masterout, Oliver Meadow and many more. Even the album series “Worxx”, starting in May 2011, is the newest project of “NumberOneBeats Records” which becomes published continuously in the future. Each album involves 7 special selected mixes with released & exclusive unreleased remixes from A.C.K. & friends. Remixes which are produced from A.C.K. for superstar artists like Tom Novy, Jean Claude Ades, D.O.N.S., George Morel, Lenny Fontana, Niels Van Gogh vs. Eniac, DJ Sammy and remixes for A.C.K. & Simon Point’s tracks from Belocca, Chris Montana, Micha Moor, The Whiteliner and others.Electronic music is the future!!! | read more

New Release

Boostabum by A.C.K.
Release Date: 30th November 2015
Label: NumberOneBeats Records
Download at Beatport

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