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NoiseTilt Records is the brainchild of an Italian producer: Alberto Rizzo, a veteran in the music business having studied piano and music theory for over 10 years, all alongside with a total dedication to the arts less conventional. Since 2009, the decision to immerse himself in what is the world of techno. Together with Substudio Records, it was in fact initiated the project to open a new indie label focused, as the first cited, in a minimal / techno / tech-house genre. The basic concept of the label is to bring quality music that differs from the waves of bad music that currently invest in worldwide music market. So the label is always looking for talented producers, also with the aim of demonstrating that the “made in Italy” is still synonymous of quality. Currently the label takes already advantage of excellent staff, future releases will confirm it. | read more

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New Release

Astral Time EP
Astral Time EP by SOSA IBIZA
Release Date: 12th October 2015
Label: NoiseTilt Records
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