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NO SMOKING RECORDINGS was founded by Tarkan Ors (aka DJ Tarkan) and Vasilis Sagonas (aka V-Sag) in March 2005. The label, which is the first collaboration between a Turkish and a Greek producer, uplifts the deep, tribal and progressive house scene. They have intiated a campaign for the understanding of the music “as is”, giving people the opportunity to discover the true meaning of music, as many of us prefer only having “chemically enhanced fun” instead of choosing what the music’s pure form can provide. | read more


DJ Tarkan will perform tonight @ Bar Inside in Kardzhali, Bulgaria. More info: - 251 weeks ago

New Release

Lovely Feat. Anduze
Lovely Feat. Anduze by ANDUZE
Release Date: 15th July 2019
Label: No Smoking Recordings
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