Neurotic Groove

Marshall Fairbanks Christian Knoblauch Ed Whitty Marek Tripkowsky Julio Lugo


Neurotic Groove has established itself as one of the most in demand global brands in dance music. Armed with over 60 singles in it’s stable and having released 4 volumes of it’s popular “Essentials” compilation series since 2008, the imprint has been as relentless in it’s determination to remain on top of it’s game as the artists who fuel the label.
Embracing a wide variety of quality house music from new and seasoned artists has been paramount in creating a diverse label and has been a focal point from conception.
Neurotic Groove prides itself on bringing those magical undiscovered records to the ears of the world and promoting the value of its artists. It is the label’s mission to provide an avenue for allowing its artists to express and perfect their craft.

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