Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and founded by Fahed T in 2001, Nervine Records is an electronic label recognized around the world for its creative direction, global vision, and musical expertise. For years, Nervine has compiled and released music by the worlds best and brightest artists, specifically in the electronic and techno/house genres. Nervine has established itself by dissolving barriers and consistently producing an impressive body of work. Nervine provides knowledgeable, devoted service and continues to make strides as a reputable record label across all boundaries with a global reach and a solid foundation. Nervine excels and is determined to bring the worlds most advanced, up and coming sounds of energy and excitement to music enthusiasts around the world. Making its mark on the scene for nearly a decade, Nervine has worked hard to collaborate with some of the industrys brightest and highly respected producers for their upcoming releases. The sound of Nervine Records is positioned in the forefront of progressive dance music today spanning many genres with a passion and great amount of experience in Funky, Tribal, Deep, Minimal, Tech House | read more

New Release

Desert Wind
Desert Wind by TIM LE FUNK
Release Date: 4th September 2013
Label: Nervine Records
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