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Moodgadget is an independent electronic music label, founded in 2004 with the mission statement “Exposing the diversity in electronically made music.” They started the label with the goal of popularizing their opinion that electronic music is a process, not a genre; within its broad walls lives a plethora of sounds–everything from catchy folk to melodic techno.
The label is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and Ann Arbor, MI, with Alexander and Hunt sharing creative direction, production, design and marketing duties. Jakub also handles A+R and booking, while Adam takes care of web design and mastering. PhilistineDSGN, Alex Koplin, and Taro Yumiba each contribute design. | read more


RT @nitemoves: Vanguards ep. 2 featuring me! Nitemoves :) - 221 weeks ago

New Release

Gran Vía
Release Date: 16th September 2014
Label: Moodgadget Records
Download at Beatport

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