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Known as Rio de Janeiro’s permanent mission on the European mainland, Daniel Haaksman´s Man Recordings label was established in 2005 and has since tirelessly promoted the sounds of Brazilian Baile Funk and big booty music in the Northern hemisphere. The genre’s electro beats, Portuguese raps and frantic sampling collages provide an irresistible incentive to shake your stuff on the dance floor and have proven hugely influential in recent years. Man Recordings represents the cream of Brazilian producers and artists like Edu K, DJ Sandrinho, Deize Tigrona, DJ Edgar, DJ Amazing Clay or Sany Pitbull as well as international artists inspired by the style, such as Crookers, Diplo, Feadz, Sinden, Seiji, Scottie B, DJ Beware, Joyce Muniz or Viennese producers Stereotyp and Makossa Megablast. Recently Daniel Haaksman started to release his own music on Man Recordings. | read more

New Release

With Love, from Berlin
With Love, from Berlin by DANIEL HAAKSMAN
Release Date: 25th January 2019
Label: Man Recordings
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