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Logos Recordings – is a label which emerges as a result of the efforts and needs of new and already acclaimed artists, which feel a need to communicate their contemporary achievements in various musical genres. Is a matured state of sensation from the idea that, innovation and emotion are an integral part of out lives. The primary goal is to deliver new and fresh sounds from artists coming all around the globe. Their ideas and motives make distinguished music, which will be protected by the Logos Recordings – a synonym for quality music . Among our priorities is the constant search for new artists, whom will be given a chance to show their talent, potential and achievements in contemporary music. Our vision is to provide a quality range of music, with unique emotional values and a universal appeal to sensation. Our values are sincere and our determination is powered by support from all our friends around the globe. Feel free to send demo material | read more


Barney's Fun & Games (1996) via @YouTube - 184 weeks ago

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Sleeping Sheep EP
Sleeping Sheep EP by YASUO SATO
Release Date: 4th March 2019
Label: Logos Recordings
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