KP Recordings understand how album releases work.KP Recordings know about pressing, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, royalties and everything else that goes into releasing a record.
KP Recordings have people dealing with the manufacturers and distributors for you, not to mention running your whole PR campaign. You CAN do this work yourself, of course, but you have to have the time to get it done.We have only a good thing when you’re promoting your release. You simply will never have as much time to devote to, say, staying on top of the distribution channels as someone whose only job is to do just that. Further,We have get the best deals from PR companies, manufacturers and so on, because they order services and product in bulk. When you release your own music, you are essentially working as your own record label. If your music career really takes off, you will need a team of people working with you to help you keep things ticking. Sometimes, that team is a KP Recordings..
Now, KP Recordings can smooth out that learning curve for you in a big way.

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