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In 2005, Kingdom Kome Cuts (KKC) was launched and ambitiously focuses on house-releases in 12-inch-formats for the world’s dance floors. 2006 the label diversified into two musical directions. Kingdom Kome Cuts stands for light vocal house-sound and Kingdom Kome Black for club-orientated electro-laden sound. Artists who stand for fresh and hip sound like Lissat & Voltaxx, DBN, Don’t Delete, Antoine Clamaran, Brown Sneakers, Fish & Chips, Audio Slingers, Dave Armstrong, Louis Osbourne, Giorgio Prezioso, John Morley, Sebastien Léger, John Dahlbäck, D.O.N.S., Bam Bam & Noferini are signed to KKC. | read more


New Release

Bomb Trady
Bomb Trady by THE SLOPPY 5TH'S
Release Date: 2nd October 2015
Label: Kingdom Kome Cuts
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