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Kick It Recordings is a record label based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Our mission is to bring fresh, high quality dance music from some of the worlds hottest new talent to dance floors across the globe. Coming strong with a solid lineup including top artists such as Farace, with a proven track record in the dance community, and Trevor Rockwell, who has more than proven his talents to crowds across the country, Kick it Recordings is sure to storm the scene. Kick It is also bringing top new talent such as Jake Shanahan and J2K, rest assured these guys know how to move the masses. Kick It Recordings is dedicated to the dance music industry and will stop at nothing to bring fresh, quality dance music to the world. Kick It! | read more

New Release

Sp3ktrum by DWAINE WHYTE
Release Date: 15th September 2015
Label: Kick It Recordings
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