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Intuition Recordings Pt is an independent Techno label, Founded in 2004 by the portuguese Djs and Music Producers Goncalo M and Huma-Noyd.

Stablished as Vinyl label in 2004, and started running digital releases in 2007, the label persists in its pursuit of explosive and innovative Dancefloor music, ofcused on diferent Techno styles from Hardgroove, to Funky Techno, Tribal Techno and Hardtechno.

Intuition Recordings Pt is also a concept label dedicated to introduce new producers to the Techno community as well as working with several stablished artists side by side.
After 2009, Intuition Recordings Pt joins GLM management, recognized for their high standard label management for techno labels, the label has received top recognition as being among the Top labels with top Producers all over the planet.
Techno it’s what we breath! It’s what we live for! In the end, you can expect the unexpected!

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