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Indalo begins to work in Cholula Puebla Mexico in 1997 with the purpouse of join and promote the local and national artists, musicians, dj..s, photographers, painters, plastic atrists, etc… To make it a club named Indalo, where dj Holograma (indalo) was the resident, among the best national dj..s and also there used to be temporary artist exhibitions such as Paint, Photo, Performance, etc… The Club closed, however the parties continued around the City, Cholula and Valsequillo. In 2001, Indalo minizin started to be distribuited, focused in the electronic escene, giving to the people all the history and information, and the youth commitment with the Planet and the urban culture. In 2007 Indalo begins to work in the Recording Business leaded by Roni C. aka Holograma., supporting new talent with the experienced producers. Indalo Records is an .mp3 & .wav label with worldwide distribution working with the most important stores, bringing diferents styles of electronic music like tech house, minimal house, minimal tech, elektro, progressive house, progresive trance bringing us great musik created by great producers from Mèxico,Germany,Canada,Japan,USA,Argentina,Romania,Spain,Dominican Rep, …thank..s for your support indalo records. | read more

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In Search Of The New Planet
In Search Of The New Planet by LOWGUE
Release Date: 31st August 2018
Label: Indalo Records
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