Guilhotina Records is an independent electronic music label with only one purpose: to release only modern, 100% high quality and mastered electronic music tracks between the following styles: Techno, Progressive and Tech-Trance. The label’s aim is to attend their target public expectations: The Djs and the crowds.

Marcelo Domancich and Sybel Calmon aka BITCH BROS are the names behind the label “Guilhotina”, having as mission to promote massively the world Techno music in large scale, without boundaries limits or frontiers.

Both are Djs, music producers and they also run a radio show at UniversitáriaFM.com.br 104,7 FM, called HiTech, and have a wide experience on electronic music scenes since 1995 and working on it for over 10 years.

Guilhotina label will always support new and upcoming talented artists and music projects of any electronic music style as well as stablished artists. All tracks sent to us will be listened, and in the best way we can, all demos will be replied.

The tracks selected will be submited to mastering in case they don’t fit the label’s standard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime or anyhow.
Cheers from Brasil,


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