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Nealie Neal Thumb Donald Pass Louie Ryan Michael Keeler


Often referred to as the leading group in American drum and bass, Evol Intent released it’s landmark LP “Era Of Diversion” to critical acclaim in the Spring of 2008, which explored more diverse musical styles as well as the usual DNB dancefloor smashers. The various members of Evol Intent also have other projects much of the music community should be used to: from Knick’s bass music madness as “Bro Safari” to the Enemy’s electrofunk alter ego “Treasure Fingers” to Gigantor’s electro-fied waveform warping as “Computer Club” | read more

New Release

Era Of Diversion (LP Mixes)
Era Of Diversion (LP Mixes) by EVOL INTENT
Release Date: 20th March 2008
Label: Evol Intent
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