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In 2006 when we started the ‘Esperanza’ project, we never thought that we would get to this point. At that moment it was just an idealistic project carried on by young music lovers. During that way, we had the pleasure to work and get to know a lot of people who helped us to improve our sound and lot of them are now a fundamental part of our
artist roster. During this year, after this short but intense path, we hope to show you thru the upcoming releases our humble vision of dancefloor music nowadays. Although it’s hard to put that in words, it would a balance between the vibe and attitude of oldschool music combined with the sound quality and attention to the detail of the ‘laptop era’. Nowadays, we believe that music is going thru a great moment where boundaries are disappearing and we can get rid of any keyword to ‘define music’. We don’t care whether is Techno, House or Minimal, we just try to let the music speak! So, to reach this target, we have prepared a catalogue full of surprises including our main artists showing us the evolution of their sound, debut EPs and even legends who are collaborating with us. We sincerely hope you enjoy all this music as much as we do and feel our vision of music!
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All Frequencies
All Frequencies by FRANCO CINELLI
Release Date: 15th August 2014
Label: Esperanza
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