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The story of Echelon Records began in 2008 from sheer love of art and creation when, in search of an outlet for their works, artists Tempo Giusto and Ima’gin decided to put up their own label. What started small, soon grew rapidly and in 2011 Echelon Records® celebrates not only its 3rd anniversary, but also its 100th release. During the 3 years of its existence, Echelon has been most acclaimed of its fresh and unprejudiced sound, and its releases have been supported by a wide cavalcade of DJs on radios and club events. The main imprint Echelon is focused on trance with an emphasis on tech and progressive club sound, whereas Echelon White concentrates on more uplifting trance.

Whereas many other things have changed, Echelon’s vision of great electronic music remains the same – timeless melodies and dynamic themes in a high voltage club progressive mixed with driving bass lines and percussions. True to our artist roots, we go through every demo meticulously which allows us to keep introducing new talents consistently. It is no surprise that many names of the rising producer generation appear on Echelon’s catalog.

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