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Dope Ammo formed in 1996 as a collective responsible for promoting a series of highly successful club events, showcasing world renowned DJs and live acts including Scratch Perverts (Tony Vegas), Kosheen, SL2 (Slipmatt+Lime), Nicky Blackmarket and more.
This management team soon found their own studio space and became “The Drunken Masters”, the production moniker for the founding members of the Dope Ammo crew. Dope Ammo Records was born soon after in 1998 as an outlet for the music they were creating and quickly got their tracks in stores and on DJs turntables all over the world. Since then, with the addition of new artists and remix work from big players in the drum & bass scene including Baron, DJ Hazard, G Dub, Benny Page, DJ Swan-e and more, the label continues to grow, with a back catalogue now into double figures and more releases in the pipeline.

In 2001 dope Ammo signed to “Urban Agency”, a DJ agency run by Mickey Finn and Aphrodite, which gave them the opportunity to take their innovative sound to the clubs of Europe and America. It was around this time that The Drunken Masters produced the dancefloor anthem ‘Kill Bill’, which quickly made its way into the sets of the elite drum & bass DJs, and with ‘Mastered Technique’ gaining airplay on Radio 1 courtesy of legendary DJ Steve Lamacq, their profile was raised even higher.

2002 saw the release of the first album to drop on Dope Ammo, entitled ‘Uprising’, which featured tracks from the Drunken Masters themselves as well as some new recruits to the label. The lead single from the album, a reworking of ‘Deep in the Underground’, propelled DJ Hazard to the forefront of the drum & bass scene and gained Dope Ammo a reputation as a respected outlet for established artists and new talent alike. From this success the Dope Ammo crew found themselves collaborating with leading members of the drum & bass scene such Benny Page on their club smasher ‘Roots + Future’ which more recently became the name of their second album and also remixing DnB anthem “Bad Ass” for Mickey Finn + Aphrodite’s Urban Takeover. This also gave them the incentive to set up a project label for up and coming DnB artists called ‘Maximum Ammo’ with long term friend and veteran old skool DJ Swan-e, to which they had signed artists such as Alter Ego (Twin Audio) who have now gone on to do their own thing.

In between studio work and running the label, Dope Ammo have been busy playing DJ sets all over the world, gaining a well earned reputation for bringing a party vibe with them everywhere they go. 2003 was an amazing year, seeing them headlining the Roxy Fest in Slovakia to a rammed crowd alongside Tim ‘One Finger’ Taylor. Filled with a newfound energy and passion for taking their sound to the masses, 2004 saw Dope Ammo embark on their first US tour, with a series of shows in the US and headlining clubs such as Plush in Austin, Texas, then onto playing at the renowned Snow Bombing sessions in Mayrhofen, Austria along side artists such as Mylo, DJ Yoda, Trevor Nelson, Mickey Finn, Aphrodite and Darren Jay. Over the recent years Dope Ammo have been tearing the house down in clubs and headlining alongside the biggest names in Drum n Bass. They have DJ’d in the some of the biggest cities all over the world including Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Chicago, Austin, Houston, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Paris, Lyon, Lille, Vienna, Bangkok, Lisbon, Porto and more!

Whilst continuing to make their mark on the drum & bass scene, Dope Ammo have also branched out into the world of sound design and soundtrack work for video games, with their talent for putting together original, head-nodding beats secured them a deal with Sony Entertainment Europe via a small company called FreeStyleGames working on the break-dancing game ‘B-Boy’. This was released by Sony on all platforms and was BAFTA nominated for Best Soundtrack. More recently Dope Ammo have worked closely with FreeStyleGames now bought out by the multimillion doller company Activision and produced the new innovative game from the makers Guitar Hero called DJ Hero. Dope Ammo took on a music supervison/production role at Freestyle which included creating in game mixes, designing DSP, and helping direct musical structure within game. They have also managed highly talented DnB artists such as Baron, Benny Page, Sigma and MC Tali to lend their talents to the game.

With a hectic DJing schedule and several forthcoming releases lined up, Dope Ammo are showing no signs of slowing down. Truly an exciting time…

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