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Dope Ammo formed in 1996 as a collective responsible for promoting a series of highly successful club events, showcasing world renowned DJs and live acts including Scratch Perverts (Tony Vegas), Kosheen, SL2 (Slipmatt+Lime), Nicky Blackmarket and more.
This management team soon found their own studio space and became “The Drunken Masters”, the production moniker for the founding members of the Dope Ammo crew. Dope Ammo Records was born soon after in 1998 as an outlet for the music they were creating and quickly got their tracks in stores and on DJs turntables all over the world. Since then, with the addition of new artists and remix work from big players in the drum & bass scene including Baron, DJ Hazard, G Dub, Benny Page, DJ Swan-e and more, the label continues to grow, with a back catalogue now into double figures and more releases in the pipeline. | read more


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I'm Good Remixes
I'm Good Remixes by KATHY BROWN
Release Date: 10th August 2018
Label: Dope Ammo
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