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Founded in 2001 in Palma de Mallorca the label was drawing attention to itself shortly and got highly attractive for national and international DJ celebrities like Pig & Dan(Cocoon rec.), Jerome Isma-ae(Jee Productions), Niels van Gogh (Play me Louder) Sin Plomo (km5 Ibiza). The idea of Disko Massaka Recordings, which was planned as an over-all club, nightlife and label project, arose from an awareness of three chummy DJs, who recognized after many years in music business that their vision of electronical music was only then realisable when they start their own project. Beside of the label, a magazine about the club-culture around the musical world of Disko Massaka Recordings should be initiated. But since the foundation of the label, the crew was foremost focused on the first musical steps of their new creation. Founding fathers of this project primarily are Carlos Mendes & Mike Vanderhaffen A & R of Disko Massaka Recordings, who meanwhile manage the performances and the daily business directly from Munich. Global networking and a continuing international exchange of producers and DJs are the essentials of the diversity of Disko Massaka Recordings.The marketing is mainly operated online.The releases of Disko Massaka Recordings gain access 24/7 with the cooperation with one of the world biggest online dance music market (Beatport).The future of Disko Massaka Recordings is clearly defined by using the fascinating new technical possibilities for music and to enhance with them, always considering the inevitable space and time that leads to a unique and prosper creativity. So, keep cool and relaxed, enjoy life and take off with power and passion. | read more

New Release

O Mundo Con Voce
O Mundo Con Voce by SIN PLOMO
Release Date: 13th May 2016
Label: Disko Massaka
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