Munich’s music scene is cooking and is seriously competing with Berlin. The young international agency Delusioned Records especially stirs up the fans of Electro, Progressive House & Co. and creates one of the best dance- and party-ambiances in Munich’s hippest clubs. The special thing about Delusioned Records: the agency is a combination of music label and booking agency and has a huge and flexible network of DJs, musicians and producers. Only musicians who produce their own tracks become part of the label. As a booking agency, Delusioned Records also connects DJs and musicians with national and international locations and events. The artists can be booked solo or together. The peer group is usually 20-30 years old and interested in electronic music.
The young team of Delusioned Records feels at home in the music and club scene and hosts regular events in different locations, for example at one of Munich’s hottest clubs, „neuraum“. At these Takeovers, different artists are able to present their music, sometimes accompanied by live-vocals. At this point in time, the Takeovers are mostly in Munich and the area around, but some artists have also already played in other national and international metropoles like Berlin, London or Paris and Delusioned books its artists to locations all over the world.
Delusioned’s DJs, musicians and producers are well-known in the electronic music scene: such great and diverse artists like Nino Fish, Aint, Daniel Pscheid, Rufus Martin, Marc Magnet, Green Pony and Starskie as well as the duo Witzig&Kraus are well established in Munich’s nightlife. Their music is published by Delusioned Records through internet platforms like Beatport, i-tunes and djtunes.com. Their live-performances can be watched on youtube and of course the agency and its artists are connected to the fans via Facebook and Twitter.
Latest news: during the next couple of weeks the new single „Turn it up“ by Nino Fish, Rufus Martin and Aint, which is already extremely successful in the clubs, is going to be released on Beatport. Stay tuned for more! | read more


@delusionedrec: OUT ON BEATPORT !!!! Daniel Pscheid & Starskie - Apollo (Aint Remix) !!!! http://beatport.com/s/t81Udb - 445 weeks ago

New Release

Breath by NELLO
Release Date: 27th April 2012
Label: Delusioned Records
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