Climax Label. Label from Barcelona. Created by the artists Mr. Rog and The Rectifier in 2011. This label is inspired in labels like drumcode or M_nus, have the intention in his begging to be a hardgroove label. But the changes in the electronic music of this years, make to release soft techno, industrial techno, hardcore/ hardtechno, tech-house, house and EDM. There is designs of minimal covers and in the last years we have a big production because we have two releases for week or one. it makes 6 years the label is open, our passion for music it’s all ok. We proud we have good years of production with Climax Label. Enjoy Label and Enjoy Techno Music. | read more

New Release

Sounds from the Darkness
Sounds from the Darkness by EVIL MODEM
Release Date: 2nd October 2018
Label: Climax Label
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