Founded in Los Angeles back in 1992 by Brian Perera, Cleopatra Records remains one of North America’s strongest independent music labels to this day. A music fan with a diverse background, Perera had already single-handedly built up his own merchandise business (with soon to be famous clients like GUNS N ROSES) before launching the label with an EMI- licensed release of the band MOTORHEAD. Sixteen years and several Billboard hits later Cleopatra Records is still going strong! The catalog today is over one thousand titles deep spanning such genres as Rock, Metal, Punk, Rap/Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Country, Electronic/Dance, Glam, Goth, Industrial – even New Age and Classical. Not to be stuck in a singular consumer goods market, the label has recently diversified its product lines to include hard-cover, coffee table books, an in-house film division, high-quality, limited edition Vinyl pressings (7", 10" and 12") and a new T-shirt line featuring such musical icons as T. REX, SID VICIOUS, MC5, TANGERINE DREAM, and more. | read more

New Release

The Alien E.P.s
The Alien E.P.s by EAT STATIC
Release Date: 14th March 2019
Label: Cleopatra Records
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