Citizen Records

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Citizen Records was created in 2001 by Pascal Arbez-Nicolas, formely known as Vitalic. This major producer from the electronic scene wanted to develop a real musical laboratory, and so was born Citizen, a label with really wide range of music and universe.
More than the search of a new sound, the label aim to gives the opportunity to newcomers, so is the label motto :

Citizen Records “Fresh Blood Only” !

After 10 years of existence, the label and their artists found today a real recognition abroad the electro scene but also a larger public as the rock festivals.
Artists like Teenage Bad Girl, John Lord Fonda, Fukkk Offf, The Micronauts or Arnaud Rebotini are now saluted by the press or the web 2.0 and make their own reputation with their epic live acts in Europe, but also in the USA, Russia, Australia…

Today, more than 30 artists joined the crew of this French indie label such as South Central, Missill, Jahcoozi, Zoot Woman, Donovans. But Citizen still continue to develop new talent such as Dinamics, Produkkt…

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