Breakz R Boss is a fresh new Canadian Label featuring the sounds of Breakz, Electro, Dnb and Dubstep. The newest Canadian Breaks label. Founded/owned by Bass Charger in early 2010 & Already gracing all Major Top 100 Breakbeats Charts. (Beatport, TID, Juno). Getting support from names like, Crystal Method, Dj Icey & Lady Waks. Nominated for ‘Best New Label’ @ Breakpsoll 2012. Breakz R Boss thrives on being a large portion of Canadian Breakbeat producers, mixed with international talent such as Rebel Sketchy, Lady Packa, Vize, F-Word, Adam Faz, Manu Twister, Toy Quantize, Ral of Dubsidia, Youthful Implants, Nursery of Naughtiness, Wardian, KL2, Eddie Voyager & Breaking News. All the best in breakbeats sounds from Canada and across the world. Helping put Canadian Breaks on the map! | read more

New Release

Feel The Flow (VIP Mix)
Feel The Flow (VIP Mix) by SONEK
Release Date: 16th February 2015
Label: Breakz R Boss Records
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