Label started by Morten Madsen, aka Anex Ample, and initially focused on Techno styles. The label is now under Guilhotina Label Management, following the classical Techno spirit from the early label begin!!
Bitch Bros and Primus V are the names behind the new era of the label, and making sure you will get only the best of the best of Techno!! We are sure that Boobs & Loops will lock your attention and ears!!
BOOBS & LOOPS is one of those labels lucky enough to count already a HUGE casting of GREAT artists from the techno scene since its begin, and we are proud to present a list of the already confirmed artists on the label! You can expect MUCH MUCH MORE music coming up here! | read more


RT BITCH BROS: #DrunkSessions Vol.10 recorded! On air #Jan16, Saturday @Vector_Radio! As usual the dopest techno music out there! - 283 weeks ago

New Release

Albemuth by DARKMODE
Release Date: 18th June 2012
Label: Boobs And Loops
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