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LUCIANO CAPUANO José Vicente Urgilés Felipe Nicolas Baez Flores Thiago San Pablo González


Is a label based in electronic music that involves genres like TECHNO, SOUL TECHNO, MICRO TECHNO, DEEP TECHNO, DUB TECHNO and I.D.M.
AMPLUSENS wants to introduce you to new magical rhythms, scientific and certainly cataloged as audio-drugs. Every sound piece has been carefully selected in our sound lab, just to offers an incredible experience with every beat.
Conformed for Juan Pablo Moran.
BASED in UIO (QUITO) the middle of our world, where new sounds are coming from the merge of this djs that actually conforms CUE BROTHERS creating a fresh label.
Our label is committed to the tradition of Techno, House and other electronic styles. Being open to external influences and with paying tribute to contemporary clubmusic, we want to contribute to its development and offer a platform to emerging local and foreign artists as well as to the interested public. It´s not only a label but a collective of QUITO`s techno music scene. | read more


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New Release

Kreep by PAUL DIEP
Release Date: 31st October 2018
Label: Amplusens Records
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