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ormed in 2011, the New Jersey based 44 Caliber Recordings came into existence through the love of music and the want to create a brand that accurately represented the underground EDM culture. With strong DIY ethics, as well as the belief that success can be achieved through creative thinking and relentless dedication, 44 Caliber aims to give budding underground artists the opportunity to showcase their talent to a larger audience who themselves, can feel personally involved in the movement. As anyone truly involved in the EDM culture will tell you, it is more than music; it is a lifestyle. 44 Caliber Recordings and its artists are this lifestyle, they are this culture; 44 is life. | read more


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New Release

Angels In New York: The Remixes
Angels In New York: The Remixes by CHRIS SEE
Release Date: 20th April 2013
Label: 44 Caliber Recordings
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