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19BOX hail from Tokyo, Japan. The label is home to the Country’s Top DJ’s; DJ 19 who is the pioneer in Japanese club music scene. 19BOX is the record label to release various types of Quality House Music. It was founded in 1999 to release “Groove Me” by 19 KISSES GO TO DISKO. It’s named after DJ 19. “19” is pronounced “Juku” in Japanese. This is where we got the name, 19BOX(JUKEBOX). It also includes the hope for us to play music for ever as a jukebox does. Club music sent out from Japan had been Jazz and Techno types, and there were very small chances for House music to be hard outside Japan. Most creators in House music have been active in New York and they were not perfectly originated in Japan. This is why the basic principle of 19BOX RECORDINGS has become to select the works of Japanese artists and send out the new talents to the world. | read more

New Release

Vigilance by 19
Release Date: 1st October 2018
Label: 19Box Recordings
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