The Jobcentre at Boomtown 2017

Thu 10th August at 5 PM

Boomtown Jobcentre | Map

Boomtown Fair

21 and over


After the Regime fell the Jobcentre was in chaos, but out of that chaos has come a new order, with no leaders involved. The Jobfather signed a state-of-the-art privatisation deal with Bang Hai Industries, securing the future for the Jobcentre and its workers. This means brand new corporate jobs, a new private security force in our headstrong G4life and a wealth of funds pouring in from sponsorship deals and advertising. However, privatisation comes at a cost, and we have extensive targets to meet and deadlines to fill. We will bring Big Branding to the masses!

Don’t worry about that though, just know that there will be the usual Office Christmas Party on the Sunday (voted one of the top 10 Christmas Parties at Boomtown last year), and at night we will open the gates to some serious bass heavy sonics, such as:

Taiki Nulight
Mikey B
Vital Techniques & MC PEAN
Dr Cryptic
Deadbeat UK
King Hydra

With takeovers from:

Off Me Nut Records
Tumble Audio
24hr Garage Girls
Chip Butty Records
877 Records
In The Face
Wonk#ay Records

and many more!!