Wiggly Street: No Laughing Matter - Nuit Blanche 2019

Sat 5th October at 7 PM

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21 and over


TAKiN, Miz Megs, George Loukas, Rouzbeh, Barroness, Paulo & Pietro, Dexy

WiGGLY STREET – Nuit Blanche 2019
~~ No Laughing Matter ~~
~~ 7pm-7am ~~

join us for the infamous Wiggly Events’ annual multidisciplinary arts installation for Nuit Blanche

featuring performances and works produced by 30+ local Toronto based artists from our group of Wiggle Artists Collective (WAC).
This installation will include tons of visually tantalizing components, an hourly repeating social experiment, projections, and 12 audio performances.

This year’s theme is “No Laughing Matter”
suggested costumes: anything silly and fun

Audio Performers include:
TAKIN (Captain Wiggle)
Miz Megs (Toronto Legend)
George Loukas (Metum)
Barroness (Wiggly resident)
Paulo & Pietro (friends of Wiggly’s)
Dexy (friend of Wiggly’s)
+ 6 more

Projections by:
Rouzbeh Heydari (Wiggly Resident)
+ more

Art and Deco Installations by:
Church of Bubbles
Arturo Durothethird.murals
Yayo Gutzsomme
Andrew Clark
Mark Adam Harrison
Lindsay Fay
Lida Mah
+ more
Wiggly’s is an inclusive community and if you have a great installation idea that fits our theme we love to make it happen, contact Takin to coordinate.

Choreographed Social Experiment Performance produced by Mayra Majano:
as in the years before, this will a 5 minute performance that occurs on the top of each hour during the event. The performance will also be an live social experiment of what is often referred to as the best medicine in the world: Laughter. We will experience the addictive nature of laughter and the euphoric feelings that it produces within us.
Volunteers with Unique and or Loud Laughter needed. Contact Mayra to get involved.

Photography by: Ramy Arida

more to come…

Tickets/Donations: Since our proposal was not accepted as an official Nuit Blanche installation this year, we have moved indoors where we can avoid getting shut down and can guarantee a tantalizing experience. This is a very large scale and costly production, and so with this in mind, instead of a gofundme campaign this year, we have decided to charge an entrance fee and have a bar serving alcoholic drinks to help offset the costs of putting this event on. We will be offering FREE Entrance before 10pm, $20 before Midnight, and $30 after midnight. OR PURCHASE IN ADVANCE for $25 and arrive at any time. Gift a Wiggler also available for two people for $45. Advance tickets: http://buytickets.at/wigglyevents/301284

This will be a 19+ installation, with a fully serving bar, meaning you need ID to join us :)

This is a highly attended event and we anticipate to be at capacity, we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid disappointments.

Please let your Wiggliest friends know

We have a strict code of conduct and reserve the right to refuse anyone at any time. Wiggly Events and Luné – 772 Dundas are Safer Dance Spaces. We take this very seriously. We encourage everyone to not hesitate to bring to our attention anything you think that we should be made aware of. You may use the safe word BANANA, ask any of our staff for a Banana and we’ll direct you to a safe quite space. Our security staff are in marked clothing. Bar staff, our team and event hosts such as Takin, Lindsay Fay, Nour Bawab, Mark Adam Harrison, and Christina Barron are all available.

~ Wiggle Wiggle ~

Do you have a question about the event?
Contact the promoter

More Info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2356751781208677/