Nails & Wax: KHIDI 中 NYC Takeover

Nails & Wax: KHIDI 中 NYC Takeover

  • June 01, 2019 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM
  • Ages 21 and over
Tickets 15.0

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Liza Rivs
Mr. Nails

Art is indispensable to life. Techno is indelibly political. Nowhere are these reflections more relevant today than on the dance floors and in the public spaces of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. There, techno is both the soundtrack to and impetus for the political self-realization and cultural self-assertion of an entire generation of Georgian youth.

Key to this movement is Khidi, a cavernous, techno-driven space built directly into the framework of one of Tblisi’s major metropolitan bridges (hence the name, the Georgian word for “bridge”). Khidi hosts residencies from international artists such as Phase Fatale, Fiedel, and Regal, but it‘s the quality of Khidi’s Georgian residents, just as it’s the quality of the Georgians on the dance floor, that make the club what it is.

So, we are naturally chuffed to host the first ever Khidi showcase in the Americas. For the event, we are bringing in three of Khidi’s most integral artists: its longest-running resident, Ròman, recent BITE label-signee, Vulkanski, and the Tbilisi/Paris-based, Liza Rivs. Expect 10 hrs of masterful, blistering techno.

We are also using the opportunity to launch a new mini-project — a Nails & Wax zine containing interviews from past and present artists, photography, and commentary — free of charge to select attendees.

Extremely excited for what should be a very unique event.

Open bar 11-12


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