Scalameriya [all Night long]

  • March 01, 2019 11:59 PM to 4:59 AM
  • Dom Mladih
    Skenderija, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo, BA
  • Ages 21 and over
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Dom Mladih



The main goal of the Hazard Collective is to bring the European style and feel of industrial techno to Sarajevo and fuse it with the local cult rave scene.

Keeping in mind our goals, we have decided that the first artist to perform should be the incredible and highly talented Scalameriya, Serbian born and Italian based producer and DJ, an artist that has amazed audience worldwide from clubs in Tokyo all the way to the capital of European techno, Berlin.
“Energetic, chaotic, incredible.” would probably be the best words to describe the way Scalameriya presents his carefully selected tracks in order to bring the “warehouse” experience, as people have described his sets.
And as icing on the cake; Scalameriya will be performing an ALL NIGHT, 6 hour set for the audience, making an atmosphere that’s guaranteed to break the dance floor.


01/03/2019, Amfiteatar Doma Mladih Sarajevo



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