Opel presents Gabriel & Dresden : Remedy Album Tour

Fri 10th April at 9 PM

The Great Northern | Map

Opel Productions

21 and over


Opel presents:
Gabriel & Dresden (Anjuna)facebook.com/gabrielanddresden/REMEDY Album Tour- Extended Set- ::Syd Gris (Opel/Opulent Temple)facebook.com/sydgris::Blurr TranscendSF/TFSFfacebook.com/Blurr/Silent Disco on the patioand more tba!Join us for an evening of new music from Gabriel & Dresden’s newly released Anjunabeats album “Remedy,” along with old favorites you’ve come to love over the course of time. The Great Northern: 119 Utah Street, SF9:30 pm // 21 event

BIO:To be going strong nearly 20 years after collaborating for the first time is a sign that a creativepartnership is something pretty special. Aside from a three-year hiatus in that time, SanFrancisco duo Gabriel & Dresden have consistently delivered exquisite productions thatperfectly border the lines between trance, progressive house and pop. Touring around theglobe all the while, they have built up an impressive body of work over two studio albums,several high-profile compilations and numerous singles and remixes. They have amassed aloyal legion of fans across the world in the process, who now form a close part of their creativeprocess.Formed in San Francisco in 2001, they were among the earlier success stories of the UStrance scene, paving a way for new generations of producers to emerge and thrive in theirwake. Josh Gabriel came from a classically-trained music background, while Dave Dresdenhad been DJing for 15 years by the time they partnered, giving their collaborations a wellrounded sensibility for both the ears and the feet. Over the years they have been twice namedIDMA’s ‘Best American DJ’, scored seven Billboard Dance Chart #1s, peaked at #20 on theDJ Mag Top 100 Poll and hit #11 on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart with their classic ‘As TheRush Comes’.Between 2008 and 2011, they decided to spend some time working on solo projects. “Thething about music is it’s a relationship and it was time to try different things” says DaveDresden. “We both learned a lot during that time and when we got back together it was easierto work with each other because through our experiences apart we learned to become bettercollaborators.” Indeed they have been on amazing form since then, releasing a compilationwith Armada Music, and their second breathtaking album ‘The Only Road’ with Anjunabeats.Their resurgent partnership has seen them once again play the biggest events in dance music,from Tomorrowland to Electric Daisy Carnival and all inbetween.Their albums have also shown their prowess in crafting ethereal indie-dance crossovers andchilled electronica, showing that they are more than simply producers for the dancefloor.Whatever the style, bold melody, deep emotions, powerful vocals and deference to classicsynth sounds remain constants. “We like to keep things fresh by always changing our setup.Our last album ‘The Only Road’ featured mainly analogue synthesizers and for our next album‘Remedy’ we almost exclusively used the software synthesizer Serum.” Notable remixes oftheirs over the years include versions for Madonna & Britney Spears, New Order, DepecheMode, The Killers, Annie Lennox and Faithless, time and time again showing their prowessworking with vocals and potential for crossover success.They also cite touring as a major influence on their productions, with a synergy createdbetween the studio and the DJ booth. “After we released ‘The Only Road’, we got to play themusic all throughout the world at clubs and festivals. From these shows, we learned how wecould make our music work better on the dancefloor and these performances definitely haveinformed the decisions we’ve brought into making our next record, ‘Remedy’“ The likes ofKölsch, Tinlicker, Eelke Kleijn, Stephan Bodzin and Rufus Du Sol are namechecked as recent influences. “We’ve been inspired by the wave of melody and emotion that has recently invadedthe underground, where the lines between techno, trance, house and progressive are blurred.Anything that makes us feel something emotional and takes us “there” will do.”Turning to Kickstarter to fund ‘The Only Road’ proved to be a masterstroke which allowedthem the creative freedom to craft a truly special record, and they have repeated the mechanicfor ‘Remedy’. “The first Kickstarter taught us that making a record in collaboration with thevery people who are going to listen to it is a better way for us to make music. With the secondKickstarter we wanted to see if we could push the collaboration aspect even further by creatingmore opportunities for our backers to have a direct say in the making of the album.” Offeringmusically-minded fans the chance to collaborate with them, they have created a deeplypersonal connection with their fanbase in the process.With a recent GRAMMY nomination via Cosmic Gate’s remix of ‘Only Road’ and their effortfor Armada’s hallowed ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ compilations series, they have rarely been awayfrom the dance music headlines. ‘Remedy’ is set to show once again just why this long-runningcreative partnership is still so vital, and will mark yet another important chapter in their hugelysuccessful career.