Tonight! Mioli Music Presents: ~Sequence~

Thu 21st January at 9 PM

Monarch | Map

21 and over


Introducing our newest monthly dance party, Sequence! We are so excited and honored to have a 3rd Thursday party in everyones favorite rave cave, Monarch! Nothing helps the weekend come sooner then getting out and shaking it up.
Weekend?….what weekend ;)
With this party we want to put an emphasis on local talent. Mioli Music strongly believes in the power of unification and community. We will be featuring The Bay areas very own producers, label heads and skillful artists that make this community so colorful and rich, creating that crucially important Tribevibe.
For our intro installment we have a few good friends that are forging through in this artist community and music scene to bring definition and notoriety to their sound and style. Making waves is what it’s all about.

Joining us for our opening party is non other then the incredibly talented Andy Kershaw of 3am Devices! 3am is a notable up and coming label based here in San Francisco. This man is a true believer of the scene having been a part of it ever since the ‘rave days’. These are the kinds of people who lay foundation maintaining a good nature and grass roots vibe by being a part of the community itself.
Andy tears it up! Come check out the heat he brings when his expertise hits the dance floor.

Joining him is our long time friend Petko Nikolov who is no stranger to the development of The Bays reputation for intricate grooves and heady rhythms. His most recent creation is the new crew concept- Diacritic Collective.

Opening up for us we have the stellar deep groove DJ -Laser Beahm bringing your spirit back into alignment via waves of sound layers and a passion for providing soul satisfaction. He grooves with the best on the playa via Gravity.

Andy Kershaw (3am Devices)
-—Petko Nikolov (The Shuffle Co-Op /
-—Lazer Beahm (Gravity)

Only $5 all night when you click ‘Going’~ See you very soon!