A Night at Love+Propaganda: best top 40 dance club in SF

Fri 10th April at 10 PM

Love and Propaganda | Map


21 and over


Every 2nd Friday, 10til2presents brings to you events in the 2017-2018 best voted best nightclub in the country : LOVE + PROPAGANDA.
To RSVP your for free entry and/or table reservations text 510-449-7750 or email [email protected]
Plays party rocking type music, trap, no hardcore rap however hiphop top 40 is played. This is the number one most upscale venue 10til2presents promotes at and a favorite due to the fact that there are NO wallflowers and everyone really like to dance and is there to party… No hidden agendas no creepy guys just good vibes!
The doorman and management reserve all rights to decline entry of any guest not in proper dress code. No sports attire or athletic gear, baseball caps, tennis shoes, baggy clothes. We respectfully encourage everyone to dress up and look stylish and put their best foot forward when attending Love + Propaganda. 
★THE DJ★Flucutates from Tony Tone, D Sharp, Kid Vicious, Ryan Lucero and many more greats from out of town…..
top 40, edm, trap and house
★L+P Fridays Videos★

  • Also Introducing Love + Propaganda’s brand new immersive experience… Escape the ordinary and join us for a new chapter in SF nightlife as we present beautiful, interactive sets of theme party experiences that will run every week, beginning September 6 for a limited time onl

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