Chester Code Invites Analog Kitchen with Halocyan

Sat 28th December at 10 PM


21 and over


Analog Kitchen
DJ Danjer
Chester Code
Alex Pi (Rulex (dj set))

The 28th of december we are back in the TOFFLER Rotterdam for the 4th edition of Chester Code Invites in 2019.

After many successful collaborations with the label Halocyan Records we look forward to the edition of December 28th after ADE where we invite the one and only ANALOG KITCHEN from our hometown Rotterdam. From Tunis DJ Danjer, one of the pioneers of the Tunisian house & techno scene. And partner in music Alex Pi for a night full of the most delicious techno tracks.
And ofcourse our main guy Chester Code himself.

Since 2012, Chester Code has been organizing events with a balance between awareness, quality artists and international or exclusive locations that fit within the electronic dance scene.

Beside the locations, we also select national and international artists that fit our conscious concept, which ensures a high quality event. Because music and awareness are our most important ingredients, The Love Movement agreement has been set up.

We work together with international clubs and artists who are open to a conscious movement that, in addition to their own strengths, offers our future a better perspective.

Meet Analog Kitchen. An entity hovering between even and odd harmonics resorting back to making music with ears instead of eyes. This EP has been constructed live as part of a session series that will eventually grow into an album release scheduled for the end of 2017. This first release sees two tracks that have a different view on modern day club culture.

AK’s first EP contains 2 tracks.

‘Sirius’ is all analog shenanigans driven by an original Roland TR 909 drumcomputer, a Moog Minitaur Bassline synth, an Octatrack and no rules or premeditated planning, just recording all in one take. With a firm old school Chicago house feel you can’t help to feel the ‘turned up’ positive vibe it projects. Jackin pianos and a bouncing bassline take you on a hypnotic journey where it pleases your mind and feet.

‘Adhara’ is a more bass-heavy groover that is as hypnotic as it is four to the floor. It will no doubt test sound systems in cars and clubs. A signature sound the crosses house with techno and bass with adrenaline.

“The Love Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself” ♥

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