Fri'daze feat. Olivier Weiter - Nipun Divecha - Kapeish

Fri 5th October at 10 PM

Playboy Club Mumbai | Map

21 and over


Olivier Weiter
Nipun Divecha


Olivier Weiter – inspired by infamous Amsterdam underground parties, his clubbing experiences in Berlin and the endless afterhours in his former basement – supporting melodic house & techno ever since.
Olivier Weiter has grown to become more than an established name with high profile shows like Awakenings Festival, Loveland, Welcome to the Future, Timewarp NL and Cocoon to name a few.
He expanded followers worldwide by showcasing events like Tomorrowworld, Mysteryland USA and Chili, and playing his well known boundless marathon DJ-sets at Berlin clubs like Wilde Renate, Katerblau, Watergate, & Sysiphos. Approved by the infamous Bar25.
Olivier released music on highly acclaimed labels such as Sudbeat, Einmusika Recordings, Filth on Acid and Parquet Recordings. His track “Angelus,” was featured on the BBC1 DeepDish Essential Mix.
In search of more ways to share his musical taste, he started his own label “WEITER” in 2015, releasing music from both young talented producers and established names in the melodic house & techno scene.



Nipun Divecha is an eclectic Dj/Producer with a wide range of influences. Growing up in a city like Baroda, Nipun could not wait to expose his inner talent in this city, Nipun grew to find that DJing was the best way to share his love of music, make other people happy and have a great time.
Nipun has his own unique style of sound built with Rhythms, Basslines, Melodies and Grooves.
He brought it to the people who did not have access to it, along with the global growth of the genre& is fond of exploring different kinds of music, he is most excited to be able to DJ to a live crowd and play the records that get them dancing, and whether it’s a late night party at an illegal outer-borough loft, a trendy meatpacking district club, an elaborate wedding or a sweaty house party, Nipun’s just happy to be playing music, Nipun also holds a different project with partner Ankur Sood called as DUPLICITY.
Nipun has spun alongside John Digweed, Guy J, UNER, Shall Ocin, Agents of Time, Hosh, Cubicolor, Donatello, Shpongle, Roger Martinez and many more.



Kapeish is a electronic dj who has spun alongside Undercatt, Nick Warren, Peter Schumann, Guy Mantzur, Yotto and many more.

He is best at throwing a set of roof breaking benders with his Underground, Deep, Proggy, Techno Music


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